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Selected Works

  "Camel's Dance" for Solo guitar (2022)


  "From Past to Present" (A composition with Video art) (2020)


  “Armenian Sketches” Suite for solo Guitar (2020) 

  "Sareri Hovin Mernem" // "I'll Die for The Wind Of The Mountains"  (Arrangement for solo Guitar (Music by Hovhannes badalyan) (2018)

  Oriental Picture for solo Guitar (Inspired by Armenian artist Martiros Saryan's oriental artworks) (2018)

   "Lour da Lour e" for Recitater, Zurna, Oboe, Duduk and Bassoon (Text by Silva Kaputikyan) (2018)

   "Memories" for solo guitar (2017)

   "Dedication to Sayat Nova" Duo for Kamanja and guitar (2017)

   Double Concerto for Guitar, Piano and Symphonic Orchestra (2016-2017)

   “Khachn Kenarar” for solo Guitar (Based on an Armenian spiritual melody from XI century ) (2016)

   "4 Days" Septet for 2 Sopranos, Clarinet, guitar, Vioin, Viola and Piano (2016)

    “A Speech with God” " for Soprano and 5 instruments (2016) 

   "Piece" for String Orchestra (2015)

   “Armenian eyes" for mixed Choir (2015) (Text by Yuri Sahakyan)

   “For my Blue-eyed Homeland“ for mixed Choir (Text by Yeghishe Charents) (2015)



    String Quartet No.1 (2015)

   “You, Someone" For Recitator, Soprano, Viola and Piano (2015) (Text by Henrik Edoyan)

   "Sonate Fantasy" for Violin and Piano  (2014) 

   “For Diaspora Armenians" for Soprano and Piano (2014) (Text by Hovhannes Tumanyan)

   Sonatine for flute and piano (2014)

   String trio No.1 (2013-2014)


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 "Ary Im Sokhak" // "Come My Nightingale"

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Find the score 

Pardy Minassian - "Oriental Picture"

              "Sareri Hovin Mernem" //
"I'll Die for The Wind Of The Mountains"

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Edvard Mirzoyan -  Pardy Minassian "Sad Vals" 

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Pardy Minassian - "From Past to Present"

Pardy Minassian "Sonate Fantasy"

Pardy Minassian -  “For Diaspora Armenians"

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